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1. You can drift off into a (temporary) real estate fantasyland and dream big.

When choosing a home there are a lot of restrictive factors. Buyers must consider budget, proximity to work, closeness to family, quality of schools, climate, etc., and a buyer essentially has to prioritize the things they value most. Making a practical decision is important. After all, a home is one your of largest, if not your largest, investments and where you choose to buy can be a large determinant of your quality of life. But, practicality is no fun. So, do yourself a favor and watch Million Dollar Listing New York and pretend to be that CEO selling his fully upgraded penthouse in SoHo for a whopping $6 million dollars so he can buy a 7-figure

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It’s safe to say that few couples buy a house thinking that there will come a time when they will no longer want to live together.  A house is a major investment – the biggest investment of a lifetime for most people. So, when it comes time to split this most valuable asset, it’s not always easy or clear-cut as to how to go about it.

First and foremost, you should consult your divorce attorney. Assuming that the house is “marital property” aka joint property acquired together during the marriage, and that you have accumulated some equity in the house over time, one way to go about is to have two appraisals done and agree that the average of the two is the value of the home.

Next, one of the owners can choose to buy the other out

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In case you haven’t heard, Wegmans is moving south. With over 80 locations in neighboring Northern Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, and Massachusetts, Wegmans has established itself as an east coast grocery mogul. With its charming European-meets-northeastern-township-esque exterior, consumers can’t help but be attracted to the Wegmans aesthetic. And when the doors slide open the atmosphere inside does not disappoint either.

Have you ever been moseying for baked goods at a suburban grocery store and found yourself in an enclave of grand two-story windows, flower boxes, and string lights draped across the ceiling as if you are strolling in an outdoor Parisian marketplace? Unless you’ve shopped at Wegmans,

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Strong sales skills and effective marketing are the name of the game in real estate and that will never change, but the mode of matching buyers to sellers is ever changing. We are essentially entrepreneurs. We attempt to innovate our practices to stand out amongst competitors, constantly responding to new developments in technology, the market, and government regulations.

One trend that caught fire in the nineties (and actually stayed in style) was the growth of the real estate team. As coalitions of agents continue to form, today’s real estate consumer is faced with the option of working with a team, or the traditional individual agent. Both present different perceived advantages and disadvantages, but we at Team Hensley think

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After much anticipation, a Team Hensley favorite—Tazza Kitchen—is open for business just a stone’s throw away from our office on Alverser Drive. If you haven’t been yet, we think you should put this at the top of your list of “new places to try.”

The modern, rustic decor provides a comfortable yet upscale Mediterranean atmosphere perfect for any gathering, large or small. The menu offers a wide variety of tastes and textures all made predominately using natural, organic ingredients sourced from local suppliers. This eatery also boasts an extensive wine list.

We started our meal with two delicious appetizers, the guacamole and roasted eggplant dip. Both were exceptional! The whole Team felt the guac was a notch

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It’s no secret that Wild Ginger is among the best restaurants in Midlothian. Don’t just take my word for it. It has a 4.9 star rating out of 5 on Google Reviews right now. I’ve been there for multiple special occasions and they all stand out in my mind to this day – celebrating high school graduations, birthdays, anniversaries and even taking over one of their party rooms with a big group of friends – just for fun. And because it’s such a foodie find, we’ve run into old friends and even family numerous times.

The meals have all been memorable as well.

For starters, there’s the salty, delicious edamame and the fried peppercorn oysters that we can’t seem to do without. Then, there’s the extensive list of super fresh sushi

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How Effective Mosquito Control Can Improve Midlothian Neighborhood Lifestyles

I have AB positive blood. I have no idea if this is at all relevant, but I am convinced that this is one of the reasons that mosquitoes LOVE me. I go outside to get the paper, and the pesky creatures whistle to their friends that there is a smorgasbord going on in my front yard.

We can have 10 people over for cocktails in our backyard and I am the one swatting, ducking and dodging that bzzzz-bzzzz in my ear. So you can imagine how my buzzing ears perked up when I heard that there is such a thing as a Mosquito Squad right here in Richmond, Virginia.

In fact, the Mosquito Squad is one of four franchises available through Outdoor Living Brands, of which

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Hallsley Neighborhood Homes for Sale

If you know anything about East West Communities, you know that the neighborhood now known as Hallsley in Midlothian, Virginia is sure to be a great place to call home and raise a family. Celebrating their 40th year in the development business, East West is responsible for the likes of the award-winning neighborhoods of Brandermill, River’s Bend, and Hampton Park in Chesterfield County and more recently Patriots Landing in New Kent. They’ve actually developed 25 award-winning neighborhoods over the last 40 years. Yet they are not churn and burn developers. The company consists of some outstanding individuals including folks I had the privilege to know back when East West was celebrating its 25th anniversary – people like Gary Fenchuk,

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It’s hard to believe that 2013 is half over! The first six months of the year have been a whirlwind for Team Hensley Real Estate, real estate sales in Midlothian and even beyond, into the Greater Richmond region.

According to the Richmond Association of Realtors and the Virginia Association of Realtors, home sales and prices rose in Central Virginia and across the Commonwealth in the first quarter and are on pace to continue on an upward trajectory for the second quarter as well.

And this just in from the Weekly Economic Update by Chmura Economics & Analytics: “Offering more evidence of a housing market rebound, the Case-Shiller 20-city index posted a 10.9% year-over-year increase in March and pending home sales rose to a

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University of Richmond Hosts US Air Force Academy Men's Basketball

One of the great things about living in the Richmond area is having access to some great entertainment options. Richmond and its surrounding neighborhoods like Midlothian, Glen Allen, and Chesterfield, enjoy easy access to nationally recognized sports teams without suffering from the crowds that come with the big city franchises. For a very reasonable price a family that buys a home for sale in the neighborhoods of metro Richmond can load up the car and get to the University of Richmond, Virginia Commonwealth University, the Richmond Coliseum, or one of many other venues that host popular events without having to drive long distances or fight heavy traffic.  That same family can also

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