So What's the Story?

Our Relationship with Liz Moore

Liz Moore and Associates has been Re-Inventing Real Estate in Richmond, VA since 2016 thanks to Liz Moore (Owner of Liz Moore & Associates), Annemarie Hensley (Owner of Team Hensley Real Estate), and Tonya Morrow (Richmond Managing Broker). When Liz met Tonya and Annemarie in early 2016, she knew something great was going to happen. In the conversations that followed, it became crystal clear to all three women that the Richmond market was ripe for an enlightened real estate agency with a laser focus on the client experience. Team Hensley Real Estate became the anchor team for Liz Moore and Associates. Over the years, the partnership between Team Hensley and Liz Moore has grown this Midlothian brokerage to be one of the top brokerages in the Richmond Market and a real estate beacon in Midlothian. This on-going commitment to serving the Midlothian community shines through in their brand new office building that just opened in the heart of Midlothian. Annemarie isa lifelong Midlothian resident, and the vision of this building was a direct reflection of the loyalty she has to her community. Although many people are saying the days of brick and mortar are ending, Annemarie and Tonya believe these buildings can be an opportunity to gather and strengthen relationships in the community. This exact vision was brought to life in the new Liz Moore and Associates building located right off Midlothian Turnpike in the Crofton Village Shopping Center. A coffee bar, cozy gathering spaces, outdoor porches, booths, and astone fireplace are just a few of the amazing features that this building has to offer. Our new building hosts around 50 agents, 7 staff, a title agency, and still has plenty of room for us to open our doors as a community gathering space. We value our partnership with our community and want you to know that you’re welcome to visit our new Midlothian “home” anytime.