From Renter to Buyer

Thinking about making the transition from renter to buyer? Tired of paying a landlord’s mortgage through inflated rental payments? This could be the perfect time to buy and there are many more advantages to buying from renting. If you are planning to become a home buyer, there are a few things you need to know first.

Home Ownership is an Investment

The first thing that prospective home buyers need to know is that home ownership is an investment in your future. Instead of paying someone else rent, you are putting the money into your own property which can increase in value over time. For many Americans, a home is the prime investment that they make during their lives.

Find the Deals

If you have looked around at real estate listings and are feeling dismayed or discouraged, cheer up! There are some excellent deals if you know where to look. The key is to find a real estate professional to help you navigate what is for sale out there and where to find exactly what it is that you are looking for in a home. A seasoned agent will also have their finger on the pulse of the area. They will have some insight into properties that are new listings, as well as those that may are soon to hit the market.

Prioritize What you Want

Speaking of what you are looking for, one of the first things that prospective buyers should do is to make a list of must-haves in their new home. That is, create a list in order of importance of the things that you need as well as any ‘deal breakers.’ Got pets? Perhaps a large yard is on your list. Need to be near work? You may need to focus your search in particular neighborhoods or areas of Richmond.

Hire a Pro

It really merits hiring a real estate professional that can help you come up with a game plan to stop wasting money on rent. This person should be someone that helps you from your home search to closing, navigating the often-confusing curves and caveats of purchasing property. Look for a buyer’s agent with a proven track record and client feedback to help you narrow down the field to find the right agent.

Ready to make the change from a renter to a home buyer? There is no time like now to talk with a professional real estate agent at Team Hensley. Learn more about the many advantages of buying. Call to speak to a team member in Richmond, VA, today or just fill out the contact form below!

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