Not Hiring Representation: The Benefits of Using an Agent

Not Hiring Representation when buying a home? There are numerous benefits of using an agent, regardless of whether you have your eye on the exact home that you want to purchase. With online resources, it is easy to find attractive and possibly viable properties, but there is a lot more to buying a home than finding one.

Not hiring representation to buy a home? Before you make this decision, consider some compelling benefits of using an agent, first:

Acts on Your Behalf

There are a lot of ins and outs to completing a real estate transaction. The main role of an agent is to represent you and ensure you are being treated fairly. Even if you find homes online, which many prospective buyers are doing these days, an agent can help to educate you along the way while negotiating on your behalf with the seller and the seller’s agent. This, alone, makes it worthwhile to utilize the services of a qualified agent.

Guides You Through the Process

Hiring an agent is actually less about searching to find the perfect home, and more about helping potential buyers through the process. Buying a home can have challenges and disappointments; hire an agent to help guide you and make sure you are getting a fair shake. Unless you know legal-ese, the paperwork can be daunting for a real estate sale and an agent will make this process much simpler and smoother.

Knows the Market

Choose a savvy agent that knows the ins and outs of the local market.  They should possess insight into comparable properties, values, and sales in order to best help you find a home that is fairly priced. This information will help them better negotiate on your behalf if you decide to put in an offer on a property.

Familiar with Local Resources

A qualified and reputable agent can direct your for school, zoning, community and road information- which is particularly valuable information if you are looking to buy a home in a new area or locale that you are not familiar with personally. This may also eliminate or qualify a property to be feasible for your needs, without wasting time on those that are less suited to what you are looking for.

Informs and Educates

How much do you know about buying real estate? By hiring representation, your agent can also educate and communicate with you to make sure you are are most informed buyer out there. This insight includes data pertaining to property values, closing costs, and the inspection process, so you know what to expect and how to best move forward throughout the home buying experience. A great agent will provide information that serves you not only in this sale, but in future investments, too!

Before you determine that you don’t need a buyer’s agent to purchase a property, talk to Team Hensley in Richmond and Midlothian, VA. There are many reasons why it makes sense to have representation and an agent on your side during real estate transactions. Call today to learn more.

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